Sunday, July 28, 2013

In Praise of the Un(der)appreciated Surface RT

I wrote about blogging my way around a trade show for Consumer Electronics Daily News here. The trade show in question was the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York. I started on the first day just by wandering into the exhibit hall and writing quickly about whatever booths caught my eye on a quick tour. When I had several bits, I just headed back to the show's press office to go online, and I posted it as a walking tour through the show.   Next, I went to the New Brands on the Shelf Pavilion, an arrangement that the Specialty Food Association makes for new companies that participate in the association's incubator program for new food businesses. The next day, I started the day by thinking about what I'd seen the previous day and what themes I could use to organize new stories. Then I went back to the show floor to look for booths that were showing great holiday ideas and booths that offered healthy food choices. No shortage of ideas there. I used Scribbler the Surface RT, to take pictures of the products and the booths as I went along, and when I went back to the press room to connect, it was just a matter of copying and pasting from my Word document, adding in the pictures and hitting the Publish button. Couldn't have been easier, and the booth-holders were grateful that I was putting up my stories and sending them out to our Gourmet Newswire readers while we were all still at the show.

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